• More than 40 years of experience
• Pioneers in bone marrow transplantation
• Multidisciplinary team
• 24 hours emergency care


The Holistic Cancer Unit at Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl, with more than 40 years of experience in oncologic treatment, provides the patient and the family holistic care and timely diagnosis, treatment, follow up and prevention.

The unit has an extended portfolio of services, protocols, and guidelines adapted from worldwide scientific associations, with the permanent support of the hospital complex that ensures holistic care in only one place.

The service is supported by a modern infrastructure of hospitalization, operating rooms, radiotherapy and chemotherapy rooms, and offices served by a group of professionals, specialists in several disciplines related to oncology, committed to offer the patient holistic treatment of excellent quality delivered with compassionate spirit.

Additionally, the unit has a Pain Relieve and Palliative Care Team that provides professional care during the illness process, to support the family and the patient.

Services at the Holistic Cancer Unit


• Oncologic rehabilitation program
• Limb saving program for osteosarcoma
• Organ saving program for head and neck
• Saving program for rectum cancer
• Breast conservation surgery
• Specialized handling of bone metastasis
• Bone marrow transplantation program: Autologous, Allogeneic, Haploidentical, Umbilical-cord transplantations.


• Outpatient care
• Brachytherapy area
• Hospitalization
• Emergency care
• Hematology and pathology laboratory
• Specialized consultation : Clinical oncology, Oncologic gynecology, Oncologic orthopedics, Head and neck surgery, Breast and soft tissue surgery,    Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, Gastroenterology, Coloproctology, Oncologic rehabilitation, Radiotherapy, Palliative care, Psychiatry group


Always avant-garde in state-of-the- art technology and leaders in research and continual search for holistic solutions to help the patients and their families.

• Detection of the sentinel ganglion
• Simulator
• Cobaltotherapy
• Linear accelerator
• Low dose rate brachytherapy
• High dose rate brachytherapy
• Radiotherapy
• Colposcopy
• Chemotherapy rooms with independent cubicles for adults
• Hospitalization unit for oncology and marrow transplantation
• Specialized room for chemotherapy preparation with laminar flow to optimize care quality and reduce complications.

Pain Relief Clinic

Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl, aware of the need to expand its services to cope with medical advances and the needs of patients and social health companies, presents the Holistic Pain Handling program.

The beginning of the program goes back to the year 1981, with the creation of the Pain Relief Clinic and Palliative Care Service for patients with cancer, which has been permanently in operation. In addition, it has given well being support to inpatients with several kinds of illnesses or severe pain symptoms that complicate their clinical pattern, with the consequential implications for the patients and their families.

Specialized procedures:

- Peripheral nerve block
- Endovenous therapy
- Sympathetic block by regions
- Brachial plexus block
- Subdural punction
- Installation of percutaneous neurostimulation electrodes
- Percutaneous radiofrequency or chemical neurolysis
- Radiofrequency or phenol neurolysis
- Installation of infusion pump for pain control
- Rehabilitation care for patients with lumbar pain


Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl
Calle 64 51D – 154
Medellín, Colombia

Costumer attention line: (57 4) 444 13 33

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